Newborn photoshoot at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in early autumn

New mother Shireen got in touch with me about doing a family photoshoot during their Sydney trip especially with the latest addition to the family, and the new proud grandparents. The Yeo family flew from Perth and the new baby was just about a couple of months old at the time of the photoshoot. I was so excited to meet them, and it was clear that the new baby has brought so much joy to this family. There was a really sweet little story during this photoshoot. At one point, I said, "Ok, now it's baby G's turn to have a photo with grandpa" - which was then followed by a surprised look and laughter by all of the family members. It then dawned on me, what was the surprised look was all about - Grandpa was just getting used to his new title. As a photographer, I treasure these kinds of moments, where families allow me into their lives, and trust me to witness and capture their precious time together, their own quirks and their unique stories.